Definition Of Development Plan

A development plan is a management tool that promotes social development in a given territory. In this way, it lays the foundations to address the unmet needs of the population and to improve the quality of life of all citizens.

We can remember that the concept of development refers to increase or increase something, which can be physical or intellectual. When the term is applied to a human community, it appears related to economic, cultural, social or political progress.

Regarding the notion of the plan, it is a systematic model that is designed before an action is finalized, in such a way that it can be prosecuted towards the desired objectives. A plan is also a guide.

Based on this premise we can establish that there are different types of development plans. Thus, for example, we could cite tourist development plans that are established by various organizations and entities with the clear objective of promoting this economic activity that, in many cases, has become one of the basic pillars of the financial status of a city or country.

In the case of the aforementioned kind of plan, it is usually supported in clearly delimited aims such as strengthening the business fabric dedicated to this activity, increasing the number of foreign visitors that arrive annually, promoting better and more forcefully the tourist attractions of a place or to encourage what are new tourist activities such as those that take place outdoors, guided tours or wine tourism.

And all this without forgetting that there is what is known as a personal development plan that is what an individual does with the clear purpose of achieving success and each and every one of the goals that has been proposed. For this, what it does is define the objectives you want to achieve, establish what it would mean for him to achieve success, determine the path he wants to follow, analyze the help he may need and celebrate the achievements he is making.

So that all this, so that the aforementioned personal plan has the expected result, is essential self-esteem, self-knowledge, motivation and the illusion to make it a reality.

All this allows us to establish that a national development plan is that instrument that establishes the steps to follow to achieve the social development of a country. It is a project designed by the state authorities, which defines its policies and strategies.

In general, the national development plan lasts for more than one year, so that the government has enough time to implement the measures it considers necessary for social development.

The intention of a development plan is that the solutions it offers can be maintained over time and be sustainable, so that the population does not require social assistance but can maintain it with their own means. Therefore, national development plans seek to promote people's self-sufficiency.

With advances in technology and a greater number of tools available to users, development plans can increasingly offer improvements in their quality of life. The ability to share and disseminate information from one point of the world to the other without barely moving, makes it possible for all citizens to make their needs known to governments, and to provide them with more efficient programs to improve the life of society. which represent.

The State has the responsibility of designing a series of procedures and minimum contents that facilitate the satisfaction of the needs and they do it through a development program studied and captured with special attention.

There is a sector of state officials who are responsible for calculating the education, poverty and health figures of the population ; they do so starting from censuses where information is collected and recorded in various documents, which must be made available to those agencies that have the capacity to improve the conditions in which the population lives.

It is essential to point out that the role of governments is extremely important in promoting growth in the territory, therefore, they must carry out development plans capable of offering new ways and ensuring progress for citizens and therefore, the entire nation.

Development Plans in Spain

In the history of Spain the concept was used to mention a set of plans that were launched in the post-war period to lift the country from misery. They were called Economic and Social Development Plans.

Who proposed for the first time a program of this type of Laureano López Rodó, was called "Plan of Stabilization", in the year 1959. Thanks to him there was a sharp economic growth, which gave rise to the concept of development. It was a time of great development in the industry in which large industrial companies were set up in different parts of the territory.

Although it was a period that brought many advantages for certain groups of the population, it also had severe consequences, due to mismanagement of income and the use of speculation to get fast money, which would significantly affect the country's economy in the future.

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