Definition Of Machismo

The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) defines machismo as the attitude of arrogance of men with respect to women. It is a set of practices, behaviors and sayings that are offensive against the female gender.

Machismo is a type of violence that discriminates against women or even homosexual men. One can also speak of machismo against the so-called metrosexuals or all those men whose behavior exhibits some characteristic that is usually associated with femininity.

Throughout history, machismo has been reflected in various aspects of social life, sometimes directly and, at other times, in a subtle way. For many years the right to vote of women was denied, for example. In some countries, on the other hand, the adultery of women with the death penalty is still punished, when men do not have the same penalty.

The submission of the woman to her husband is still usually seen as a positive value. There are those who maintain that a woman reaches her fullness when she marries and becomes a housewife to care for her husband and children. Another reflection of the machismo established in society appears in phrases such as "Maria is the wife of Facundo", since reverse prayer is not usual ( "Facundo is the man of Mary" ). The woman is still seen as a property of man.

Sexist advertising (with women scarce clothing to encourage the sale of products) are another example of machismo.

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