Definition Of Model

Originating in the Italian term modello, the model concept has different uses and meanings, as can be seen in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE).

One of the meanings refers to what is taken as a reference to try to produce something like it. In this case, the model is an archetype. For example: "Tell the designer to follow Johnston's model to create the new packaging", "Taking Da Vinci's machine as a model, a company created an amazing airplane", "Do you have a model on which to base the form? ? "

The model can also be symbolic. It is said that certain people, because of the moral quality of their actions, are models or examples to be imitated: "Mother Teresa of Calcula is my model of life", "The soccer player said he does not pretend to be a model for children", " You could take Gandhi's life as a model and become someone more peaceful. "

An artifact or device that is manufactured according to a design pattern can also be named as a model: "I bought a 2008 model car", "My wife surprised me with a latest model TV as a birthday present".

In the field of art, the term model is also very common. In this specific case, this refers to any person who is dedicated to pose for an artist so that he can carry out a painting, a sculpture or a photograph, among other types of works.

Thus, it is common that schools of fine arts that exist in cities around the world have models of this type, people who are professionally engaged in posing for students of different disciplines with the clear objective that they can learn little by little to capture on a canvas or on a paper the reality that surrounds them.

In the field of fashion, a model can be a type of clothing with certain characteristics or a person who is dedicated to displaying clothes in fashion shows and advertising campaigns: "The Spanish designer presented three models created with ecological materials", "Valeria Mazza It is one of the most important models in history. "

In this case we can establish that there are many types of models depending on the type of clothing in which they are specialized. Thus, for example, we can talk about the models of underwear or lingerie, models of sportswear or bikinis. And all this without forgetting that there are also so-called supermodels.

These in particular are characterized by the fact that they have a great reputation worldwide, working basically for high fashion and catwalk, which parade for the best dressmakers of the moment, which are followed by many people to appear in the covers of the media and that have astronomical salaries for each job they do. In this sense, among the most famous supermodels are Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Gisele Bündchen or Cindy Crawford.

Within the scope of economics and politics, we speak of a model to refer to the process carried out by a government to control and organize productive activities: "The neoliberal model has failed", "The success of the model can be verified through of all kinds of statistics. "

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