Definition Of Perfidy

In order to find out the meaning of the term perfidy, the first thing to do is determine its etymological origin. In this sense, we can establish that it emanates from Latin since it is the result of the sum of two components of said language:

• "Per", which can be translated as "transgress" or "go beyond".

• "Fides", which is synonymous with "faith" or "trust".

Perfidy is a concept used to describe a deception, infidelity or lack that consists of violating a supposed commitment assumed.

When performing with perfidy, a person affirms that he will act in a certain way and then change on the fly, just when the other was waiting for the announced behavior. This sudden change allows you to take advantage.

The perfidy is usually typified and prohibited within the various treaties and conventions that set the principles to be respected by both sides during the wars. It is considered that pretending to be a civilian, inventing a physical disability due to combat injuries or simulating surrender constitute acts of perfidy.

In daily life, behaviors that are framed within perfidy can also appear. Let's suppose that two men argue and fight. The next day, one calls the other affirming that he is repentant and that he wants to make peace; that's why he quotes him in a square to talk. When the person summoned up to the place, he finds that the subject is waiting for him with three other men to give him a beating. It could be said, therefore, that the man who feigned repentance to quote the other acted with perfidy.

We can not forget either that "Perfidia" is the title of a series of Argentine fiction, composed of a total of eight chapters. Juan Laplace is the creator of this production, which is starring actors such as Juan Gil Navarro, Gloria Carra or Antonio Birabent.

The story revolves around Manuel, an Argentine who, after spending a decade living in Europe, has returned to his hometown. There he returns to meet again with two of his best friends of youth: Mariano and Cecilia, who are now married. That triangle will lead to all kinds of sentimental and business entanglements.

"Perfidia" is also the title of a song written by Alberto Domínguez, a composer born in 1907 in Mexico and died in 1975.

This song was written and published in 1939 by its author, who also has great fame thanks to another composition entitled "Frenzy". Among the oddities that surround that is the fact that achieved great success at the international level because it was included as part of the soundtrack of the legendary film "Casablanca" (1942, Michael Curtiz).

This bolero was interpreted by Los Panchos, Armando Manzanero, Sara Montiel, Luis Miguel, Plácido Domingo and La Portuaria, among other artists. At the international level they also made their own versions artists and groups of the likes of Charlie Parker, Nana Mouskouri, Nat King Cole, Andrea Bocelli, The Ventures or Glen Miller.

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