Greenwashing (Eco-Whitening)

Greenwashing, eco-whitening or green image washing is a form of pseudoecologism, a propaganda in which green marketing is done in a deceptive manner to promote the perception that products, objectives or policies of an organization are respectful with the environment in order to increase their benefits.

There is often evidence that an organization is doing a green face wash when observing spending differences: when significantly more money is invested in advertising being green than in truly green practices.

Eco-whitening efforts vary from changing the name or label of a product to evoke the natural environment without having changed its environmental or health impact, to multimillion-dollar advertising campaigns that portray highly polluting companies as respectful of nature.

While greenwashing is not a new practice, its use has increased in recent years to meet the demand of consumers seeking products and services that respect the environment, exacerbating the problem due to the laxity of regulatory agencies.

Critics suggest that the increase in greenwashing, associated with ineffective regulation, contributes to consumer skepticism about environmental activism, and decreases the consumer’s power to direct companies toward solutions that are truly environmentally friendly. of production, distribution or commercialization.

Many companies use green image washing as a way to repair the public perception of their brand a The disclosure of information by companies is done in a biased manner in order to maximize their perception of legitimacy. However, there is a growing number of social and environmental audits that take positions and point out deception in the absence of supervision and external public verification.

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