Matrix organization

A matrix organization is an organizational structure that is often used in large organizations, where the participants report to several people.

In. matrix organization, there are often all employees who do the same type of work in one department. As an example, all drafters are part of the drawing room unit and report to the head of this department. The same artists were assigned to different project teams and also report to the project managers.

Advantages of a matrix organization

  • that the participants can easily take over knowledge and skills from each other
  • that it is possible to specialize in. specific field
  • that it is very easy to get in or out of a project

Disadvantages of a matrix organization

  • that the participants get confused by conflicting interests. The functional managers often have different priorities and interests than the project leaders
  • people spend. lot of time reporting upwards
  • these organizations are difficult to manage
  • political skills are often more valued than technical skills
  • employees are often taxed more heavily
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