Definition Of First Aid Kit

In order to know the meaning of the term that occupies us, it is essential to discover the etymological origin of it. In this case, it must be stated that the first-aid kit derives from the pharmacy term, which comes from the Greek "apotheke" (store), plus the sum of the diminutive suffix "-in".

The term first-aid kit is the diminutive of a pharmacy: a pharmacy or a place where medicines are produced and delivered. A first aid kit, therefore, is a briefcase or a piece of furniture that allows to store and / or transport pharmaceutical products.

The concept also refers to the set of medicines and elements that are stored in these types of objects and the environment where they are deposited. For example: "Go find the first aid kit! Juan cut a finger with a broken bottle ", " Every time I go on vacation with my family I carry a medicine cabinet with gauze, alcohol, bandages and painkillers ", " Do not worry, we have a first aid kit in the office ".

In general, a kit can perform basic cures and attend accidents and minor ailments. Many times they have information (phones, addresses, etc.) useful for cases in which the person needs more advanced care.

It is common for all houses to have a first aid kit. This way, when someone suffers some inconvenience linked to their health, they go to the medicine cabinet to look for some remedy. If a child falls and scrapes a leg, his father can go to the kit in search of a disinfectant and a dressing. In a similar way, if a woman has a headache, she can go to the medicine cabinet to take an aspirin or similar medicine.

There are also first-aid kits in workplaces (such as factories or offices), in spaces with large crowds of people (state agencies, shopping centers, theaters) and in public transport.

Several are the elements that are considered essential in any first aid kit. We are referring to some such as these:

-Material to perform cures such as gauze, tape, bandages or bandages.

-The presence of a product such as alcohol that can proceed to disinfect the wound is fundamental.

-In the same way, both scissors must be present, to be able to cut gauze and other materials, such as tweezers and even a thermometer.

-Among the fundamental medicines that must exist in the first-aid kit are some antipyretics and also some anti-inflammatories and even for some ointments for what they are burns.

In addition to knowing what basic elements are necessary in a first-aid kit, it is also essential to take into account another series of aspects regarding its maintenance and use:

-It must be in a place where it is not within the reach of children.

-It is important that you avoid being in a room where the humidity or temperature can change considerably. That is, you should not have either in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

– Each and every one of the medicines is essential that they are inside their packaging to avoid that they can be used improperly or wrongly.

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